December 22, 2014 Essays

I’m not entirely sure what to say about this book. Chapbook. Zine. Whatever you want to call it.

I will say that it’s very personal, though not in a way that you may readily understand.

I will say that it is thoroughly suffused with magick, if you believe in that sort of thing.

I will say that it is my way of reaffirming that the physicality of a book provides an experience that no digital file can ever hope to replicate.

And I will say that this particular book is my way of talking to you directly, of sharing a bit of what I see and feel, in the hopes that maybe in some way you can’t quite explain, you’ve seen and felt those things too.

All that being said, this book will never be available as an ePub / pdf, etc. This book will never be available from Amazon or B&N or any other online megapalace. The only way you can get this book is through me. You press the PayPal button, I stuff a copy in an envelope up here in The Womb and send it to you. This is not nostalgia, or some Luddite bullshit. This is personal. This is intimate. This is pushing back against the noise, if only for a little while.

But what is it about, you ask?

It’s poetry. Which is another way of saying I DON’T KNOW. And in that unknowing, something occurs. And in that occurring, we are at our most open, our most available. And when we are that open and available, we are our best selves.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, if you’d like to step into the unknown with me, then click here.

If you like it, maybe you’ll tell someone, and maybe I’ll send them one too.

There really isn’t another poetry book like this one. You have been warned.

Written by Tara